a new direction

welp, i left this blog and now i’m back again. since i’m starting again, i’ll properly start again and set intentions. maybe they’ll be the same intentions as before. so rather than documenting specifically a yoga journey or a martial arts journey or an IBS journey, this will simply be MY journey. i will throw out rules for punctuation and capitalization and write how i want to write. i will continue to be honest and that includes if a photo doesn’t come out how i want it. i wish i would have kept up with this blog because as i now find myself coming into crisis on this current flare, i wish i had more of a record over the last year of what all was going on in my life throughout the whole year. i am usually able to gain new insights on things when you are able to go back and rethink situations. so maybe that can help there too. also, i will continue to honor the fact that i am writing this FOR ME, it just happens to be publicly viewable so i will not feel compelled to explain things to a “reader”.

microdosing happens today and i’d like to get clear about what my intentions are with it. the truth is, i don’t have any grand intentions other than it’s something new to try. it’s always been a curious concept. i want to see what it feels like. it’s supposed to help you get in a flow state. well i don’t really need a frickin flow state in order to clean my house but apparently i’ve become a bored housewife who needs SOMETHING so, lsd in a tiny dose it is! 🤷🏼‍♀️

i’m taking a yoga class this morning. i was just laying awake at 4 am and thinking how even though i am not doing jiu jitsu right now doesn’t mean i should feel bad about doing things i CAN do. it’ll come down to if i enjoy it or not. last class left me feeling like meh. saw lori up here working out, that poor lady for sure is deep in the sickness of her eating disorder. used to see her up at hot yoga almost every night. interesting the journeys we are all on because here i am too, journeying on the best i know how.

oh, and you know what? i might end a blog abruptly and harshly. not every entry is going to have an ending wrapped up in a nice bow. it’s just a pause. ⏸


2 thoughts on “a new direction

  1. Caveman Hiking November 17, 2018 / 7:15 pm

    Welcome back! Interested to hear your experiences with micro dosing. I’m a big fan of the Tim Ferriss podcast… Many interesting guests / interviews, and several on the topic of micro dosing… You might want to check those out.

    All the best, and happy Thanksgiving!


  2. barefootyogini44 November 18, 2018 / 3:34 pm

    hi! listening to the tim ferriss podcast right now, thanks for the idea!

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